Levitator Lifts Insoles                                   

                                                                               Made in the USA with American Labor and Materials!

                            Order your Height Increasing "Levitator" Brand Shoe Inserts Today.

Specials include sample packs and an 18% discount for 4-8 pairs.
     Over 8 pairs a 36% discount is applied.
Prices start at $3.99 a pair in quantity.

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  $6.95 Flat rate shipping for the USA
      $12.95 Flat Rate Shipping for the rest of the World.
  Buy one pair or 100 pairs shipping is the same.


Product Line for Levitator Lifts Height Increase Insole

    * Levitator brand shoe insoles turn your existing shoe collection into height increase shoes without the cost.
* Our shoe lifts are durable, comfortable, interchangeable, washable, and contour to the shape of your foot.
* "Made in the USA" with American Labor.
    * Uni-Fit design, solid one piece construction for added durability and longevity. Virtually indestructible.
    * Designed to stay in place without the use of tape or adhesive.
    * Sizes from 1/2" to 3".
    * Comfortable to wear all day and actually provide a cushioning effect on your feet and back.
    * 30 day money back guarantee
    * Fast shipping and delivery, usually within a week
    * Best quality and price guarantee
* Increase your height to feel better about yourself and to have an edge on the competition.
    * Used by businessmen, politicians, actors, athletes, etc.
    * Levitator Lifts are removable and will work in virtually any shoe in your collection.